Watch “Minimize Cultural Differences | Mindset | Business | Motivation #shorts” on YouTube

In keeping with the theme of this blog, which is “freedom”, I thought it fitting to share this short take YouTube video.

Consider the ramifications of the statements by Professor Peterson and juxtapose them against the precepts and goals of social justice & economic justice advocates, who often view any disparities as proof injustice.

Yet, in a society which wishes to maximize free choice it must make freedom of opportunity a non-negotiable priority.

And when freedom of choice is actualized by individuals, then differences in those choices become more apparent as more and more equality of opportunity manifests itself.

So, if we want equality of opportunity free of cultural bias, then we must embrace the disparities of outcomes which arise from the near infinite number of different choices that will be made by billions of free agents.

You can’t have equality of opportunity without expecting inequality of outcomes.

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