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Charges of Race-based Collective Guilt and Privilege Fueled the Murderous Ideologies of the 20th Century. It Needs to Stop.

We all have elements of privilege of which we are heirs. This is NOT a crime and should NOT be the raison d’etre for apology. We should strive to make the most of our privilege, and be worthy of it.

Does a native-born Chinese have privilege in China because he or she knows the culture, language and has familial ties? I would hope so.

Does a black man from a well-off family in Nairobi have privilege in Kenya? Yep.

Laying collective guilt at the feet of an ethnic group or race is inexcusable; it is certainly a view that has no place in free democratic societies.

Singling out race-based or socioeconomic privilege is NOT speaking truth to power; it has its roots in bigotry & racism.

It is the same ideology that fueled murderous acts of collectivists in the communist revolutions of Russia & China.

The toxic ideology continues, now masquerading in softer cloth as social justice, Intersectionality and identity politics. Proponents can no longer overtly defend the record of socialism/communism in 20th century; so now they must tone down the rhetoric.

As Orwell alludes to, the socialists didn’t really love the poor as much as they hated the rich.

It is time to call out identity politics, charges of White Privilege and the toxic ideology that underpins it; it’s time we learned the painful lessons the bloody social experiments of the 20th Century.

We can do better. It’s time to rediscover the sovereignty of the individual in the tradition of Chydenius, Locke and Bastiat.

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Watch “Jordan Peterson Addresses Socialist Intellectuals” on YouTube

Why do we tend to have a more negative visceral reaction to Nazism than to references about the consequences of Soviet Communism?

Dr. Peterson provides insight into why and also why it might be a distinction with little practical difference.

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Choose Sides? You Bet. But Antifa and Fascism Are the Same Side. –

“That side is in opposition to the violent, authoritarian thugs of the right and of the left. If we regain our faith in what we already have, there’s no reason to choose between rival siblings competing to rule over the ruins of everything that’s worthwhile on behalf of their illiberal family.”

“Sooner or later… one has to take sides—if one is to remain human,” Haider writes, quoting a character from Graham Greene’s The Quiet American. “The liberal center has to heed the same warning,” Haider adds. But the character Haider quotes is a member of Vietnam’s Communist party—which killed “probably about 1,040,000″ people in the post-Vietnam War period, after it came to power over the united country, as estimated by the late Prof. R. J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii…That’s an unpalatable side to pick in any situation.”

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