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Watch “Jordan Peterson Predicts The Riots” on YouTube

Professor Peterson makes some extremely important observations & admonitions in this Q&A.

First, the typical left-wing student is more like your neighbor’s 19 year old kid than they are a hardcore Marxist revolutionary. They are more clueless than cause motivated; until they get in with a frenzied mob.

Second, we can’t win a battle of ideas unless there is a debate to be had. And there can’t be a debate when everything is on fire and there’s blood in the streets.

So, our first goal has got to be peace as opposed to winning the argument. Don’t allow the malevolent tendencies that exist within all of us to dominate. That is how things spiral out of control, fast!

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Lift a Load Worth Lifting


“It’s said that we’re made in the image of God, us human beings.  It’s hard to say what that means.  But in means, in part, to participate in the process of bringing good into being… And that’s reason for hope. 

There’s something to be said to know that you’re the sort of creature that can look mortality and catastrophe and malevolence straight in the eye, so to speak, and nonetheless do what’s right.  And all there is in that is good!”   

– Jordan Peterson



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Jordan Peterson Speech at the 2019 PragerU Summit – YouTube

“They say we’re made in the image of God, and it’s hard to say what that means; but it means in part to participate in the process of bringing the GOOD into being.  And we can all do that, and the opposite.

And if we accept our responsibility to ourselves and to others and to our communities and we lift that load up, then we live lives that are meaningful and that stops us from being corrupt.  It provides us with a medication against catastrophe; and also practically improves the world…it’s not just psychological.

You can make things worse and everyone knows that, and no doubt you have in many ways. But you can make things better and they actually GET better and there is a reason for hope. And there is something to said to know that you’re the sort of creature that can look mortality & catastrophe & malevolence straight in the eye, so to speak, and nonetheless stand up and do what’s right…and all there is in that is GOOD.” – Jordan Peterson

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Watch “Jordan Peterson | Using Money Productively” on YouTube

Welcome to another edition of Friday’s Philosophical Foray Beyond Healthcare brought to you by the Sovereign Patient blog.

Professor Peterson discusses the implications of the genetic lottery, hard work, success, competence hierarchies, merit and fairness as determinants of social stability in a post-industrial age.

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Watch “Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Eric Weinstein, and Dave Rubin LIVE!” on YouTube

One of the most fascinating discussions I’ve ever heard about socio-economic & socio-political issues.

Proof that honest discussions, which generate better understanding, can happen when we view different opinions as coming from different vantage points rather than as “the opposition.”

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The Diagnosis and Treatment of Ideological Possession – Foundation for Economic Education

It’s not the content of your belief that makes you dangerous, it’s the way you believe it.

Robin Koerner

“Any ideology has the potential to be deadly when advanced by those who are so sure of their own knowledge and moral outlook that they would impose it against the protestations of those affected by it. To the ideologically possessed, the imposition can always be justified because “it’s the right thing to do,” “it will start working if we keep at it,” “the complaints are coming from bad people,” and so on. (Yes. The logic is as circular as it seems.)”

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Watch “Jordan Peterson Addresses Socialist Intellectuals” on YouTube

Why do we tend to have a more negative visceral reaction to Nazism than to references about the consequences of Soviet Communism?

Dr. Peterson provides insight into why and also why it might be a distinction with little practical difference.

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Marxism Ignores the Pareto Distribution | Jordan Peterson with Joe Rogan on YouTube

One of the mistaken ideas of Marxism (collectivism philosophy) is that wealth accumulation in the hands of a few is inherent, and specific, to Capitalism. This fails to recognize that in any endeavor -regardless of who plans it or who participates – that success in that endeavor will always be disproportionately held by a few for reasons that have nothing to do with oppression or theft. This may help explain why the egalitarian promises of socialism & Communism never plays out as it is conceived.