Having a Laugh About Gluten – Bruce Bialosky – Page full

…I read about Peter Gibson, a professor from Melbourne, Australia, who did a study in 2011 that found gluten intolerance is a genuine condition. The study was widely accepted and accelerated the concern about gluten launching an increase of 50 percent in the sale of gluten-free products in the United States. However, Gibson did not have the “settled science” lobby breathing down his neck and redid his testing. He discovered that the reactions found in the first tests were not actually related to gluten. As stated in the article in Real Clear Science, “The rise in non-celiac gluten sensitivity seems predominantly driven by consumers and commercial interests, not quality scientific research.”

via Having a Laugh About Gluten – Bruce Bialosky – Page full.

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  1. Given that the primary sources of gluten in out diet are often processed wheat product with a lot of empty calories, I fully acknowledge the benefits of avoiding/minimizing these in our diets. Let’s get that right out in the open before I get admonished for being an irresponsible “flat-earth” believing Neanderthal for not supporting the anti-gluten message.

    I further acknowledge that there are people with true gluten allergy. This can be a very life-altering problem and can make even eating out an anxiety provoking chore. I am not diminishing that. Also, there are those that have gluten insensitivity such that they don’t digest or tolerate it well. For these people, avoiding gluten is essential.

    But for those of us that can digest and tolerate gluten in healthy amounts as part of a balanced diet, we would like to be let back into the human club please. We are people too.


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