What Does This Announced Caliphate Mean? – Michael Youssef – Page full


Those in the West might be inclined to believe that such Islamic division is good for the West. However, those divisions can only spell deep pain for Christians in the Arab world, and ultimately for Israel, the U.S., and Europe.

The way each faction proves its superiority over each other is by demonstrating how much blood it can spill against “soft” targets. Therefore, they behead docile Christians, and when they find the opportunity, they go for the bigger targets, like Muslims whom they consider to be apostates or rivals.As Al-Qaeda demonstrated on September 11, 2001, they will pick on an easy target – like the lax U.S. airport security- to kill thousands of unsuspecting Americans.

In Egypt, when the Muslim Brotherhood felt threatened by the powerful military, they went after Christian churches, schools, stores, and homes—burnings hundreds and otherwise destroying hundreds more. The strategy worked for them, as they received wide support from the Islamic world thankfully, today, the Brotherhood is growing weaker due to rejection from the Egyptian public.

And today, the capitulation of the U.S. administration by withdrawing all its troops from Iraq has resulted in the current mayhem against Christians and other Muslims.

Now some ask, “What would American troops have accomplished?”A great deal. Put a weak boy in an empty classroom with a bully and the weak boy will be in deep trouble. But put a teacher in that classroom to observe the interaction and suddenly the bully will find a way to behave himself.

That being said, I am in no way advocating military intervention in Iraq; it is entirely too late for that. So what is the answer?

via What Does This Announced Caliphate Mean? – Michael Youssef – Page full.

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