Glucosamine Drink Flops in Knee Osteoarthritis Trial



This is a well-done study that shows, in the short-term, that oral glucosamine alone does not reduce pain or improve cartilage loss in patients with knee Osteoarthritis. Keep in mind, this was a 6 month study. A longer study may or may not show benefit. But, would you take a prescription or any medication for longer than 6 months with no clear sign of improvement? The study could have been better if the authors would have studied the more common form of Glucosamine-Chondroitin-MSM. If they do that for one year, I think we could have a conclusive verdict on this.

Not sure why Medscape chose a pelvic x-ray for a story about knee arthritis, but you get the idea…

Glucosamine Drink Flops in Knee Osteoarthritis Trial.