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Beware of Our Betters – Thomas Sowell – Page full

2014-11-22T054356Z_1_LYNXNPEAAL012_RTROPTP_3_USA-IMMIGRATIONFor both the politicians and the media, this was not just an isolated incident. Gruber’s videotaped discussions of the complicated deceptions built into ObamaCare with his help, designed to take advantage of what he called the “stupidity” of the public, are all too typical of the role played by the political left.

Neither the politicians nor the intelligentsia — including the media — want that role exposed for what it is.

via Beware of Our Betters – Thomas Sowell – Page full.


A primary care physician by training, my passion is researching and writing about the importance restoring patient centered care, supporting independent private physicians, promoting free-market solutions and seeking sustainable fiscal policy in healthcare.

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