Sleep Medicine Specialist to Provide Direct Pay Video Consults to Patients in Georgia and South Carolina

Avinesh S Bhar, MD MBA

For the past year I have grown increasingly frustrated as our health care system has valued payer over patient, time and time again. Even our hospital administrators seem immune to care and compassion – the bedrock of my practice. My mission is to provide each patient with the right care, to the best of my abilities.

I want to be a resource to the pioneering group of practitioners (Direct Primary Care) who stepped out of the constraints of our current system to deliver care we all want to receive. We are trying to put the soul of health care back into the patient-physician relationship. At this time, we feel insurance companies increase friction and raise the cost of care.

~ Avinesh Bhar, MD MBA

Services include:

  • Initial video consults (either from the patients home or the referring practice using a smartphone and desktop)
  • Follow up (video)
  • Follow up (text):
    • I am offering this service to provide patients the flexibility of communicating directly with their physician without the formality of video.
  • Home Sleep Testing (HST): to include interpretation and physical copy of report.
  • I am setting up a DME company to ensure I can provide patients a cost effective and efficient care continuum for their pulmonary and sleep needs.

Dr. Bhar goes on to say, “My hope is to set up an efficient workflow to facilitate communication and follow up with DPC practices and patients. Through my website I provide video consultations (for first time visits and for complex follow ups) along with text messages (through a third party HIPAA compliant partner) for simple follow ups, medication refills and results notification.

I am currently licensed in GA and SC. I am also available for curbside consults to providers.

My website also has provider and patient resources


To schedule a consultation visit”






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