Hey, WHO! Do a real Wuhan probe: Devine

“Reputable virologists around the world point to the Wuhan lab as the most likely source of the pandemic, probably due to an accidental leak, because of its research into a bat virus named RaTG13, the closest known relative of the new coronavirus that has killed 2 million people worldwide.”

“And yet WHO’s team of crack investigators say they may not ever go to the lab. They may not even meet the scientist who was conducting that risky research, China’s so-called bat woman, Shi Zhengli.”

“There is no more vociferous opponents of the “lab leak” hypothesis than Peter Daszak, the British-born head of New York based nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance, and the only US representative of the WHO team.”

“Daszak, as other scientists have pointed out, has a conflict of interest, because he worked closely with Zhengli in her bat research, co-authored scientific papers with her and funneled to the Wuhan Institute part of the $100 million in US government funding he received.”

“The evidence is overwhelming that the pandemic emanated from Wuhan, and the most likely origin is the Wuhan Institute where Daszak’s research partners had been doing risky “gain of function” research on bat corona­viruses to genetically manipulate them to infect human cells.”


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